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Our company will hold a special training meeting on etiquette standards for all staff

author:官方发布│Corporate news 2020-10-23

The behavioral norms and image of corporate employees are related to the corporate image. In order to further strengthen the cohesion and unity of corporate employees, and to promote the behavioral image of corporate employees, our company hired professional teachers to conduct inspections on the factory’s production site managers and office administrators Special staff training meeting.

At nine o'clock in the morning, the company's general manager, factory director and workshop director, as well as office administrators, and all on-site production staff arrived at the factory on time. The teacher described a lively and meaningful course with interesting pictures and words, starting with the etiquette norms. Starting with small daily details such as etiquette to politeness, it regulates and guides some of the details of our usual dealings with people and colleagues, and enables us to work, study and live in a more united manner.

This course is just a lesson for our company to move towards a civilized and united family. After the conclusion, we will arrange more excellent courses that are beneficial to the company and individuals, so that the company will go farther and farther on the broad road.